We have all been there…

And now for something completely different; I have fallen in love with someone and they don’t know it.  He has just a little bit of a swagger about him, and it has been a long time coming.  And I think that no one deserves it more.  He’s got that fifteen inches just swinging.

I met him a few months ago.  And by a few months ago I mean about three years ago as he was struggling to right his world after it capsized.  There was a time there before we met that he roamed a bit lost and unsure of any direction, but I think he has his feet under him pretty well.  To be honest, I cannot recall what his life was like, if he ever relayed it to me, so to ask me to repeat it would be difficult.

I ran into him the other night at a not so local watering hole, it’s the only one that I am aware of in Western Maryland that caters to the Gay population.  There was the usual Drag, Cross-Dressers, Trans, Lesbians, and Gays all out in force.  Then there he was.  He strolled in wearing this really comfortable, slightly over-sized for him, Nautica v-neck t-shirt.  He was wearing relaxed fitting Columbia Khakis and white tennis shoes that looked to have been near new.  He stepped in the door and it was as if the entire place knew him.  People lit up, and spoke his name.  They approached him and said hello.  The bartender even offered up a flirt.  But it wasn’t one of those tip me for attention type of flirts.  It nearly felt honest.  Like the difference between a new car and a used car sales man.

We chatted for a little bit.  He was looking great.  Really fit, for someone in their early fifties.  He had been working out and exercising like his life depended on it.  And to hear him relay the history, it did.  His eyes lit up as he started telling me about his new bicycle, and the number of miles that he currently had on it.  He sped into the number of miles that he had pedaled that day, and mentioned that he hoped to do a cross country trip before to long.  My thought immediately was, ‘On a bike?’.  And a look swept his face as if to say, ‘Of course, what am I suppose to do, walk?’

His arms as long as I known him have been big, but watching him talk and gesture, the muscles that bridge the difference between his elbow and shoulder just flinched and wreathed about like sinew in a rope.  He had a power about him that was intoxicating.  His smile and his spirit pulled me in.

We got to talking about cars, and road trips.  How being over six feet tall cramped our styles when it came to four wheeled transportation.  It appears that my riding – is being done all wrong to.  He says that my bike may actually be too short for me.  I’ll have to have it checked out.  I got sucked in, someone tugged on my sleeve and ‘Oh, I’m married – it’s my husband – ‘Thomas, meet Charley.’

That chest; are his nipples pierced?  Those pants, that bulge.