I wasn’t going to go there…

tumblr_o29yny6czw1ukofkbo1_500Something calls to me.  Something inside.  Beckoning me, pulling at the very strings of my fiber.  A year now, there has been this dance.  This, I’m going to stand here and see what you do.

Now, after you’ve done that, here I am, what now?

The lad is intoxicating. With the Sonic hair and the “Coke” bottle glasses.  A deep infectious laugh that beats on one’s soul to join him.  The conversations quite often get lost in translation.  A lot of things are still hidden away.  The dance continues.  There you are, but I’m going to stand here…

He likes older men.  He has had relationships previously with older men.  The chances are quite good that I’m just another notch.  But so far, I haven’t been able to assist with anything that he hasn’t met me halfway.  His descriptions are graphic.  His desires are both haphazard, and greatly enticing.

I want him in my life as I wish to be in his.  Yet with all good reason, I fear a collision course has been laid.  And if this happens, it’ll be my undoing.  I am anxious about the adventure though.