Bad boy, bad boy…

20160802_003238Okay. I broke a rule.  (Okay, two if you count this picture shot last week in my local Planet Fitness.  There was no one else in the shot except me.)  But the rule I am going on about is a rather big rule and is the second rule I parley to anyone that I ever train or give advice to.  If all things were considered, I should have known better. Once upon a time I was told, ‘go to the gym with a purpose. Not a chip.’ (That is why none of my lifting buddies were Chip.)(Okay, there was a couple of times with Chip Jones, but Chip was a nickname – not like a real thing.) I digress.

It was a suggestion to go intending to do a routine or specific workout. Don’t go to work off anger, a la chip on the shoulder. Well, I got a new personal best… Multiple sets of Bicep Curls 80 lbs. I can hear it now – “You’re at PF. You couldn’t have done that. They don’t have dumbbells that go that high.” Where there is a will, there is a weigh. (so proud of myself – see what I just did.) (DB while gripping plates)  And multiple sets of bench presses 200 lbs.

I went with some pent up frustration. Yes, some anger… Okay, maybe rage would be appropriate. (Yes, mild mannered Charley gets ticked off. Yes, sweet adorable, kind, ‘everybody’s Charley was ready to yank car doors off their frames. Not just hinges, but frames.)

All is well now. I feel much better, emotionally. Physically, well that’s another story – I’m telling myself ‘Just imagine what that workout is going to do for your Chest. Arms.’

I’m in tears typing.