Quotable: II (Essay/S.A. part two)

“How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!”  (Samuel Adams)

Gone are the times when our President, who was elected, by a landslide, for a second term is still undermined by a Republican congress and fettered by interpretations of a bastardized constitution.  (yes, I recognize the mis-spelling.  The lower case intentional for this instance.)

I fear for my rights to pursuit of happiness because a candidate for president (again, intentional) wants to take my rights away.  A republican appointed supreme court (and again) says that with all the jiggery pokery I am allowed to marry as I wish.  Marco Rubio and Donald Trump et al are backing the repeal of the constitution.

It is the Presidents job and sworn duty to appoint Justices, and there is a push in the congress to disallow him that task because…  he isn’t going to be in office much longer.  They want the next republican president to do it…  Trump’s choice; Judge Wapner or that English guy from American Idol…  Simone Cow.

Please let the electorate be smarter and vote.

Here is to hoping things get better.  (I have the urge to quote Doctor Who; “Blink”)