how dare I…

12094789_1019019381481470_723089978418368951_oStrange thing happened this last weekend. It isn’t necessary, but I want to blindly comment. I was out – socially and got ripped into by this female because of my hair color. “You need to shave that off and be bald.” “I’d shave it off. If I could. There is no sense in having that mess.”

Okay, I was polite and suggested that for the first time in 50 years – thirty if you are counting the white years, she is was the first to ever vocalize or say they didn’t like my hair. She approached other members asking for their opinion about my hair. Keeping in mind, this was a gay club, and she’s asking gay men, a room full of Anderson Cooper admirers.  She was playing to the wrong audience.  Only proving herself in the minority. I was polite and was okay with her opinion but it only angered her more.

It was getting ugly quick so putting the kibosh on anything and everything. I suggested with fingers on temple that she was the only one on the patio that has had any work done. The scars could be seen, were obvious but there and made mention of it. And of the two of us I pointed out that she was the only one who colored. A quick look around I could see I was in that minority. I told her she needed to get her man to take her home and to rethink having a go at someone while she was out of her element.  She stepped back flipped me the bird and suddenly was anxious to go home.

The boyfriend said that this was unlike her. That my appearance was suddenly her obsession like a cape to a bull. He apologized.  I assured him it was not his doing that I am certain he would be welcomed back but she had marked herself.  I was known and people do not like their Charley messed with.  (LOL)  I suggested that if he gets bored that any of the regulars or staff could tell him how to get a hold of me.  He blushed and took her home.