Just a little bit…

As life would have it, my confidence has been a real roller-coaster ride this year.  From the ups with the job.  To the downs with the same, and then finally the lack of same.

And then what, there was no proper investigation as to why what happened happend, there were no ways or means to follow up.  It was the end.

Well, this is me picking up and starting again.  To have discussed my side of the events – there was no departure interview perse the dismissal paperwork was already done, would have meant outing someone who wasn’t ready or able to face up to it yet.  Not going to do it.  The kid wasn’t ready.  So, I got hit.mjournalnews20151115

Made the newspaper last week.  They thought that it was a big deal that I have lost 200 pounds.  I thought that it was a big deal that I lost 200 pounds.  I want to brag about it more.  I think that I’ve gotten to be a real looker, not that I wasn’t before.  I feel more so now.  I am fearful of Body Dismorphia – but there are enough people in my click to keep me grounded.  Chained.

Livin’ a thugs life…  Kid Geritol!

But you have to admit, just a little – I look good for someone in their forties. But to be going for 52 – It’s f’n awesome.

Here are some additional photos from the ride on Saturday, last.  Goof ball with black/white helmet, under arch on blue Trek with black jacket and tan cargo shorts.  If you follow riders that are in line from mid-photo I am the third in line.  Gary and I are in center of third photo.

Yes, I’d do it again.  Just wish that there had been cue sheets. But I’m not going to go on about that again.

New job starts Monday.  Fingers crossed.