We’re off…

Just are required, a silly selfie... Checking on parking in an unattended lot hoping not to get towed.
Just are required, a silly selfie…  Attempting to inquire about parking in an unattended lot in NOMA hoping to not get towed.


The good ship Nitro and her scout vessels ready for use. See the purty Blue-one

This was not as I had expected it to be. For my first “event”, not bad. The ride itself, and only the ride was about an hour and 45 minutes. But it took us all day. There was the traffic lights, construction, the flat tire – Gary’s not mine. We were on the bike, then off the bike, lock the bike, shop for this, pack it away, lug it around. Unlock the bike get back on the bike. Cuss. Forgot to look up the next destination. Oh, where are my glasses. My battery is dead. We should have gone that way – Oh, they were with us at the start… Follow them. Nope, We’ve been here before…

It was for a good cause and truth be told, I would like to ride down there again without an agenda. I was hoping that this was going to be a bigger/longer ride for me than what it was. The potential was there. We started at 12:30 and finished up at about 5:00. We didn’t have knowledge of the city, or the shortcuts and traffic patterns and with the flat. We didn’t have knowledge of the clues or the neighborhoods so there was too much time spent with the map and referring to Google. Daylight was getting away from us so we finished up and got our Saturday ride in. Gary got a little further looking for “convenances.” And there is a difference between the Washington Post and the Washington Post Express. (unknown local knowledge that would have been helpful with someone who knew the city.)

Overall, Great Day. Lots of fun. Good cause. Just not what I had expected. (Or talked up for that matter.) The ride actually originated in Baltimore. (That was the 100 mile aspect of it.) The “MAIN” group was peddling to Dewey Beach, so this was an activity that I (we) got to take part in to bring awareness to Autism and ‪#‎miriamskitchen‬ join in on.

I was not anxious about the scavenger Hunt/Contest aspect of it. I would like to have participated in the event, doing the charitable go here buy this type of thing using a “cue” sheet. Take this street to this street, destination on your left. Instead of “Find this iconic Logan Circle gym location, right below Thomas Circle, that is known to give its members Balance in all walks of life, including the Cross Fit gym. You will receive a can of Black Beans for each set of 10 burpees you complete. Points: 2 (Max 8 per team.)” (Truthfully, this was one of the easier clues.) (Answer to clue: 1339 Green Court NW Washington DC. – I would have been okay had someone said go to the gym next to the Green Lantern. – Local knowledge joke. Not the first time I’ve done burpees there. LOL) FYI: I did 20 burpees. The guy recognized me as a trainer. LOL

I’d do it again. With a cue sheet.

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