BMI of 23, and still obese?…

UPDATE: 10/28/2015 my 6 month follow up. (All because I am still on the books as a Diabetic.) (It’s not something I mind because it allows me to stay in check between my annual physicals. With blood work and labs.) All of the nurses were “fawning” over me and me “new” look. I lucked out and was able to have met for a third or fourth time the same Doctor. (Being a Vet and using the VA one discovers a high turnover rate with PAs and MDs.)

L-R August 2011, December 2014, May 2015, October 2015
L-R August 2011, December 2014, May 2015, October 2015

She walked into the exam room reading labs. Stops, makes eye contact with me. “Well, Mr Johnson, it looks as if you are keeping up with your diet.” I apologized and said I wasn’t dieting. Just eating smarter and real.” She continued on with the usual head, chest, nose, ears, throat, gut, cough routine. Then out came the tape measure.

Once all was said and done, she started punching in the numbers and results of my exam, she shook her head and made a comment about “that can’t be right.” She redid her math and mumbled that over 40. I paid more attention to what she was calculating and saw she was calculating my current BMI. (Now, there are not a lot of schools of thought that put any faith in the BMI. The VA is one that does. I personally do not, except I thought she needed reference. While she was recalculating all of the right numbers I set my phone down beside her keyboard, screen up, with one of my “fat boy” pictures on it. She glanced out the corner of her eye and kept on at her keyboard until she realized what it was I was showing her. Then she scrolled through my history and looked again. “Well, Okay then. You have lost some weight.” “Mr Johnson your BMI in 2011 just prior to your left ankle surgery was 63. Today, it is 22 and some change.” (Here is where I have contention with the BMI – I am still obese. LOL)

The final tally, and VA Official: – 200 lbs.

Oh, and the other things were great too. HA1C 5.x Glucose/fasting 89 Cholesterol 120.