Memory lane… actually Rockland


Think I might have found it. No I didn’t buy it, no basket to ride in. And I seriously doubt that my [49] [sic] year old mother could pedal it… Yes, with me in the basket.


It was a fun morning at Eastern Panhandle Bike Company Yesterday. Looked for some bike shoes so I can get my new pedals in use…  who would have thought 48s would be so hard to come by. (Most bike shoes are made in Europe. Yes, most will mark in USA sizes. It’s just fun to know EU sizes too.)( I just noticed my shoe size is a year  smaller than my mother’s age. Thankfully I haven’t commented on the fact that my waist is an EU/AUS 96 and that’s justXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX…

We regretfully interrupt this blog post to inform you that the writer has been struck with a rather hard glare and he will sit quietly at this time and  contemplate his most recent actions.