Again, they’ll know we are christians…

It appears that love and faith often come into conflict where the heart and the church come into reality.  The Washington Blade is reporting that a thirty-two year old male suffered sexual assault at the hands of an associate pastor and teacher at the parochial school he attended in Walls, Mississippi.

As the story is reported; the parents were convinced that their son who came out as gay could be cured.  One of the instructors, now an associate pastor scheduled regular meetings with him where he was raped and sodomized.  The hope was to make the act of sex with men to hurt so much as to be disagreeable.

This rings familiar.  People in influential positions are often ask to be of example to others that seem to have been lacking.  The end all many take advantage of a situation that they have been asked into.  No harm is ever intended.  Yet harm is all that is ever caused because “your mother thought that it would be good idea for you to have a male influence in your life.”

Speaking of being disagreeable:

Truitt Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-a has pass away today.  It was his son who brought the fast food chain to the forefront of news when he took a rather public stance on anti-gay opinions.  [They didn’t invent bigotry, they just made it better.]

A long time passed between the law of the Torah and that of the New Testaments.  The slate was whipped clean and the guidelines in the latter days were basic and simple.  Love, and respect.  Everything else was a mistranslation.  Do not set or stand and tell me that it is all or nothing that the laws of the Bible are true and practical even today as you nibble on your breakfast biscuit.  You have to accept it all or nothing.  Anything less is hypocrisy.