Selfie not so shameful…

Sorry. I’m falling into what I dislike about social media. But now that I can…  yeah. This does feel pretty good.

I have posted here before about my handicap.  Had ankle surgery to help with ankle/foot issues. The pain got so bad that eventually a fifteen minute trip to grocery store would kill me. I got lazy not because of lack of desire but inability. I altered my diet counted calories and carbs and slowly began creeping the weight off.

The surgeries were a year apart. First left then right. A year recovery.  Now that I have been medically cleared to do what I wanted as I could, the weight loss and transformation has been great.

I had promised myself when I got to 100 pounds weight loss I would join a gym.  I signed up at Planet Fitness and have made great use of their ARC Trainer. (Cross of an elliptical trainer and stair climber.)

Work in progress.

I have not seen my obliques since I was in the service. I got out in 1994. My journey started at 390 pounds. I’m 6′ 6″. Every one in kindness suggested I could carry it.  Most. Alright. All of them have changed their tunes.  I’m starting to like the music myself.

I still have a way to go. I am not shooting for a six pack. I just want to get rid of my keg.

As my ego requires stroking. I may post here again in due course. Know that the 50 and 52 pants have gone to charity. I’m in 42s now.