End of year hard drive dump and year end wrap up!


Well the long process has concluded and happiness has been granted to me with the help of a firm and steady surgeons hand.  I was released for regular/increased activity in May of 2013. 

Wonder of wonders.  My pedometer indicated that one day a couple of weeks ago that I had walked 19 miles. (And that was just at a part-time job.)  The prior lack of activity caused me to really balloon up.  I am not timid about admitting now that I had packed on nearly 150 extra pounds. 

Yes, I’m tall and can carry it, but with the ankle problems already bad.  The extra poundage really was not helping.  I started counting carbs and calories about six months before the surgery on the left ankle.  Slowly but surely some of the weight was coming off.  In two years I have lost 100 pounds, of that, I have taken 65 off since February.  As I type this I am twenty pounds away from what my drivers license says.  I am hoping that by the time I have my annual physical in February/March I will no longer be a liar.  Yet if I am, it will be from the other side of the truth.on the phone.  wash co chpt-arc

I might as well get this out of the way now.

If you have never read this blog before.  If you do not follow me on FB.  If you do not no me personally, and if you have had no direct or remote contact with me, my life and or family, you have no idea that the big news of this year was the passing of Jonathan Alexander Jarrell (1964 – 2013).

Jon and I were together for 12 years and shared our lives for thirteen.  We met as he was Services Coordinator for the Washington County Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Strolling Rehoboth Beach MD

We moved to Martinsburg, West Virginia.  We bought a car, actually I bought it.  Jon was surprised, irked that I hadn’t included him in the decision making process and absolutely loved the 2001 Pontiac Aztek.  We bought a house together that initially he didn’t really want but later, really came to love it and looked forward to being able to start projects.  There hasn’t been a lot of completion – but projects all the same.  We now will do so, by myself.  There is someone coming to quote me on replacing some siding and some windows.

tumblr_mfb9riIqDy1rkwp2lo1_5002013 has been full of some strange fruit.  Increased physical activity and new challenges. 

Part of the weight loss has come from my bike riding.  Our last “nice” Sunday in October, I pedaled from Shepherdstown, WV, to Hancock, MD.  Had a cheese burger at Hardees before starting home.  On my way back I discovered some of the strangest things.  Men hanging from trees.

There is a low hanging fruit joke here, but I believe that I’ll just leave that one to the reader.  It is truly amazing some of the things that you see along the C & O Canal Towpath.

38A few years back I heard of an artist that was trying his hand at photographing flowers in an unusual manner.  He was doing them not in Kodachrome, but x-ray.

Bed, Bath and Beyond had prints available – I meant to pick up a couple and missed my 110opportunity.  However, some of his work has been put up on line now I have some really cool wallpaper.  Don’t ask me the artist’s name.  That is why there has been such a long run-on of ideas and thoughts because I have been stalling attempting to remember and failing.

2013 has been a long, long, slow process.  Reminding myself to place one foot in front of the other and take life one step at a time.  It has been tough but hasn’t been anything more than I can handle.  I failed to note that Keilan moved to Alabama and is that much further away.  I have had to recognize that this has been my year for loss.  Yet in that loss I have found the proverbial easter-egg little nuggets that show me that I matter and I am loved.

These last two pictures show and tell the story marking only part of my legacy to those around me.  The solo figure against the sun rise is a picture that my son shot of me at Rehoboth Beach,1380393_626372534079492_1387027148_n DE, on Jon’s birthday when we went to remember him.  He originally wanted to go with me, but at my insistence and request, he allowed me my time alone with my thoughts.  Yet he followed respectfully and captured this moment.

While cleaning up Jon’s computer there was a folder labeled things for Charley.  The black face bah-bah says it all, and is my closing message for all who read.