Best News I’ve Heard All Day…

Beyonce’s newest album has been released digitally first and already without any pre-release fanfare has set sales records for iTunes.  And guess what, Target is not going to carry it.

How happy am I?  Spokesman for the retailer stated that they prefer to offer tangible products to it’s customers.  If a product is put out in another format prior it lessens the demand for physical copies.  2D10150608-g-cvr-131213-beyonce-tease_blocks_desktop_small

Okay, I agree with Target to a point.  I like the digital download, but there are some that I have to have a copy.  I will purchase digitally Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson. Women who can actually sing. And I will also pick up the product in the store – something to put on the shelf with the rest of my collection. At least I know they actually can sing and do not credit studio vocoders and engineers who operate them on their albums.