A funny thing happened on my way to the Hall of Justice…

For this there are a couple of things that you ought to know; I will be quoting radio traffic between an officer and his dispatcher.  75 is a request made to see if there are local wants or warrants.  74 is results – generally translated as being negative.  XX will represent officer’s unit number/name.  Dispatch will be obvious.

XX-Dispatch; out with two suspicious characters  dressed up as super heroes.

(Insert cricket chirps here.)  (Dispatchers are cackling.)

Dispatch-XX; 10-4

XX-Dispatch; these two subjects are on their way home from a costume party.  Put me out three minutes, community service transport.  Batman and Superman.

Dispatch-XX;  10-4  10-6 (busy) community service en route Hall of Justice  Batman and Superman  75/74 x (times) two.

Audible laughter erupts across station.  Pregnant pause on radio.