Blue moon out my window, guess this means goodnight

Misery’s a ball and all its company

I’ll play the victim for you honey, but not for free
I run into that heartache just like a wall
And act like nothing happened to me, nothing at all
Lately I’m amazed at how blind we can be
Lately even dreaming feels like old reality

What would I give to be a diamond in your eyes again
What would I give to bring back those old times
What did I say to make your cold heart bleed this way
Maybe I’ll just go away today

I don’t care who’s waiting at my front door
You know that life don’t hold no glamour anymore
Oh, how can it all look so right and feel so wrong
I’ll play the victim for you honey but not for long

Posting lyrics to Blue Moon with Heartache by Rosanne Cash in memoriam

Jonathan Alexander Jarrell 1964- 5/13/2013