Everyone else is posting from THE BAND.  There was life after the band, THE BAND.  He even acted, most famously he was Sissy/Loretta’s father in Coal Miner’s Daughter. He calls his child Jesus cause he likes the name…  …he shall be LevonAnd he shall be a good manAnd he shall be Levon May angels lead you home. Continue reading LEVON HELM RIP

Cutting edge… (Some links/images may shock the unaware.)

Just putting out there an update for all concerned.  Yesterday I entered the Veteran Affairs Medical Center – Martinsburg to under go reparative surgery on my right ankle/foot.  The surgery was a sub-talar arthrodesis. Simply put, A screw was inserted into my foot after an area had been scraped out and bone matter chiseled out to create a smoother surface. It took a little time to get things sorted.  There were a few who were unprepared.  It appeared that no one bothered to check their schedule to know about my allergies and argued with me over them.  It’s impossible to … Continue reading Cutting edge… (Some links/images may shock the unaware.)