Yes, again, it has been about four years…

Why don’t people pay attention?

Cardiologist asked if I smoke. I said I hadn’t for four years. Three times during my visit he suggested strongly that I stop smoking. And each of those times I asked him who he was talking to, that I had quite four years ago. And yes only one or two packs a week.

He insisted that my chances for complications during surgery increased because…?  Appearantly I’m a smoker.  (All of this with the thanks of a grateful nation.) I left exhausted.  My closing thought were dramatically relieved.  Here I thought that my saline and anestisia allergies were going to cause me problems.

On my way out, I saw the cardiologist that I have seen before and like, who asked how things were.  I told him that it was no wonder that my BP topped 160 when I come up to this floor.  (4th floor, VAMC-Martinsburg)