Woke up with CH and NPH in my ear…



Tragically it wasn’t in the fantastical manner in which I have dreamt – and they were chatting about heads. (a preserved two headed cow fetus that he was hoping to restore.)

I went to bed last night with my iPod playing.  I have gotten a little behind on my podcasts listening, so I thought that I could relax with something and try to fall asleep.  I forgot to set the timer to shut off, so at the moment of this writing I have no idea what I actually missed.

Okay, I half expected Chris to be talking about head, but not heads, outside of that weird little fantasy involving him, a zombie time lord a plastic twister sheet and a bottle of baby oil.  But Neil, in my mind he is still the wholesome…  Oh, screw it.  Who am I kidding.  NPH is that charming, endearing instigator standing at the back of the room enjoying the fact that he got the kid to set off that fire cracker in the middle of church and looking as innocent as the cherubs adorning the Lenten banners.

Chris Hardwick, half of the comic musical duo Hard and Phirm, son of PBA “God” Billy Hardwick.  Has appeared on television for Mtv to E!, G4 to “Otis” in Back at the Barnyard.  He currently is the “tycoon” behind the website Nerdist. (Click on the related image above for hyperlink to web site.) It is a website devoted to all things anyone could possibly nerd out about.

Of course Neil – Father of two, husband of one, Doctor Horrible and star of the shouldn’t be made “Clue”. (Not to be taken seriously – Listen to podcast for details.  Click on NPH picture for hyperlink directly to “The Nerdist Podcast #182)

Chris via Nerdist has set up a channel on YouTube that will be offering original programing for public consumption over the internet web tubie things.  Neil is scheduled to do a show with puppets, Chris a bowling show.  Can hardly wait for April 2.