I love the day life…

leesburg-virginiaWe took a road trip yesterday to Leesburg, Virginia, just for the heck of it.  We ended up sight-seeing in a grocery store.  I know, we are weird.  I can only think of three people who would be that excited about walking through a grocery store.

Granted, it was just another grocery store, but…  It was huge. There was everything there that we could ever think of or imagine.

Staff photo by Sam Yu A Seafood Bar is part of the Wegmans Cafe in Leesburg. sy-w/KGI dislike going into a place where you can smell the meat department.  Specifically the fish section, fresh or otherwise.  I went into a place – Wegmans – I was standing beside the “Seafood Bar” across the isle from the fish counter.  I was surprised.  I have been compared to a cadaver dog or blood hound because of my sensitive nose.  I was so overloaded with the “goodies” around me and the way the stuff was presented that I totally overlooked the squid and tuna staring at me.

wegmans_food_marketsAt all of the produce counters there were videos running showing everything from how to select various produce to demonstrating recipes.  It was like specialize cooking shows and info-mercials.  There was a lady that was working at the catering desk that told me there were eight chefs on staff in this store.  Heck there was a two story parking gargage, I was not going to be surprised that there were eight chefs on staff.  Heck I was ready to believe that chicken was vegetarian because that is what the sign said over the serve yourself bar where four people were in attending.

There were a couple of restaurants, a coffee shop a couple of other dining areas where you could set around the grill area and enjoy meals being prepped right there in front of you.  You could have a piece of a wheel of cheese grated down right in front of you.

There were nice sections of of related specialty foods and there were sizeable amounts.  If you needed gluten free products or groceries for other dietary needs they were grouped together.  To include those same groupings in the freezer section.  There was a wine section that was twice the size of many 7-11s that I have ever been into.  Otherwise it was a really nice grocery store.  Kroger’s.

1205413381The Village at Leesburg, where this store was may have had something to do with it.  Middle to high end shopping office and living space all in one really confined area.  It is sort of a new build downtown minus the city.

There is a new trend in building these combination areas and I’ve a curiosity about them.  To be truthful, I think that if a property developer could do something on this scale, in the middle of a field they ought to be able to do the same into some of the “dying” city business areas.  Specifically the downtown area of Martinsburg.