You just know it was going to happen…

When it comes to series television and the series finale’ you have to love “the moments.”

Moments like Voyager emerging from the Borg Sphere as it emerges into the Alpha Quadrant.

Moments like the last climb of the stairs to the helipad on M*A*S*H after everyone else had left.

Vic getting assigned a desk job with the Feds.

DSC6904-206x300Moments like waking up to a lady that wasn’t the character’s wife, or at least wasn’t in the current series, wanting to share the dream about the Vermont Inn.  Moments could go on. However, I laughed last night at one of the best written final episodes that I have seen in a long time.  As a retired fire fighter – this was one last hurrah that I wish I had.

Rescue Me wrapped up last night.  It was great seeing the cadets getting words of wisdom from a tried and tested old sage like Tommy Gavin.  However, nothing beats the poking at the box containing ashes of a fallen brother.  You know it’s going to happen.  Then tossing, instead of ashes, because there is no grey food, chocolate – Devils Food – cake mix instead.  I haven’t laughed that hard for a couple of weeks.

Bravo Denis Leary.