Just any place will do


James Mollison, documentary photographer has put together a book showing stark contrast between the haves and have nots.  Bilal, 6, the West Bank whose family are Bedouin Arabs live a nomadic life as have one would guess 20 generations before.  Bilal, with his kid draped around his shoulders, is shown in against the place where he sleeps.  He seems less needy than the opulence of 16 year old Kana from Tokyo who seems to live nearer the Jersey shore than I do.

110809-children-sleep-combo-23_grid-9x2“Where Children Sleep,” a Mollison photo book published by Chris Boot that is arresting both for the astonishing differences it exposes, and the astonishing similarities. No matter how unalike the kids in the book may seem, it quickly becomes clear that they would almost certainly be friends if they could just spend a little bit of time together.110809-children-sleep-combo-08_grid-7x2