Out of the fire and on with the Frye…

Stephen Fry interview with Lady Gaga at the Lanesborough Hotel in London. Shot by Shamil Tanna for the FT Weekend Magazine. May 14 2011.Okay, I will agree that she is one of the biggest selling phenomenon in the modern world at present.  I will admit that her writing history in the past has generated some crafty and catchy hooks, and choruses.  It is rare that she can complete an entire song.  Her message is profound at times and it took Stephen Frye to point it out.

The Financial Times ran a piece that I am not certain how I missed it, other than the paper is published in the UK, and I am not a subscriber, but last May, the venerable Frye parked his Hugh – a small Laurie – outside a London five-star for tea with the Gaga.  We will not discuss the head gear.