Mothers heed this warning!

One day you are going to receive a phone call from you loving son, and you had best prepare to answer.  What you do and or say could effect the rest of your lives.

“Mom, what size panty hose would fit me? And where in the store would I find them?”

The comedy started when I phoned, my step-father answered.  We chatted and I eventually mentioned that I had called to speak with Mom trying to ask a couple of questions.  Always eager to help, he offered to help.  “I need to buy some knee high panty-hose.”

The phone line went silent… “Oh, your Mom is just pulling up the driveway.”

He couldn’t have gotten off the phone quicker.

The cast came off last Thursday.  My surgeon wanted x-rays, and wanted me to go to prosthetics to get a brace that would allow me to walk, with crutches with VERY minimal weight on the ankle.  The technician who set me up with the brace was backed up a little bit. So there wasn’t a lot of time shared on the care and use.  I did get to ask if the leg wrap was machine washable.  He suggested once, maybe.

He said that the surgical stocking/compression legging would help to wick away perspiration.  It would keep skin cells in place.  on a compression legging on me that was almost my size.  He didn’t have one for 13/14 shoe sizes.  What size he did have, was the last one that he had.

It ripped open like a tomato skin.  He suggested that I pick up a couple of knee high panty hose to wear under the brace.  He said that the panty hose would wick the perspiration away and keep the skin cells in check.  That would keep it from getting into the sponge material and smelling.

This is where the phone call came in. 

Mom was helpful in pointing me in the direction of where I could find hosiery in Kmart, but there were questions about size.  I needed someone who was use to dealing with things like this.  Who better to ask…  Paul(ina).

Thank God for friends in high heeled places.