Now what am I expected to do…

Liane Hansen’s says “Thank You,” as she ends a 22 year run.  Liane was 5699228919_856be2f657there with NPR news and began what has become the best part of my weekly radio habit.  It is Liane’s fault that I play puzzles, and it is her fault that I listen to two nuts ramble on about how my name gets spelled before hearing about my automobile crisis.  It was also her fault that I fell in love with some of the offbeat and stylized music that I have.

Liane Hansen’s influence is there and I am sure Weekend Edition Sunday will continue with all the same features it has… but her soothing alto made my Sunday morning.  You could hear the smile in her voice.  You could hear her contempt if the interview required it.  She was a friend I never got to meet.

Thank You Liane for the memories.