From Tot Wanders Street With Pot Pipe and Cigarettes

From Charley: This has got to be read as it has been written.  See if you find the same thing that I did and is it as funny to you?

By Dan Stamm
updated 42 minutes ago

BETHLEHEM, Pa.— A barefoot boy, wet from rain, wandering the streets of Bethlehem, Pa., Saturday morning had a couple surprises in hand, according to court records.  Around 8:45 a.m. Bethlehem Police responded to a call of a toddler wondering in the rain along the 2500 block of West Boulevard, according to authorities.  A neighbor found the 19-month-old wearing a dirty diaper and with a marijuana pipe in one hand and a pack of cigarettes in the other, according to court records. 

The neighbor took in the boy, cleaned him up, got him something to eat and called the cops while another woman went door to door trying to find his parents but was unsuccessful, cops said. 

Police eventually contacted the boy’s parents, identified as Bryan Schneider, 46, and Katherine Main-Schneider, 32. Police allegedly found another glass marijuana pipe in the couple’s driveway, according to court records. 

Schneider said he and his wife were asleep when his son got out, cops said. He was allegedly out partying the night before, police said.

Upon questioning the 46-year-old turned over a bag and a jar containing a small amount of
weed, according to court records.

The child was taken into protective custody but was ultimately released to a grandparent.
He could eventually wind up back in his parent’s care, police said.

The 19-month-old’s parents were charged with endangering the welfare of a child and
drug charges.

The couple is free on $10,000 bail.

From Charley: With his bottle gripped around the top the toddler tips one up for all his homies that had gone before.

Seriously badge daddy, where is the kids 40?

Why are the parents getting charged. If the kid is going to be out all night partying – then he should be facing the consequences of his actions.  I know K-dawg knows this. Don’t be calling me for no bail. You man enough to get yourself into the mess your man enough to get yourself out.

Yellow high lights the item that caught my eye.  Blue high lights my thoughts.  I started to high light the mistakes and then to do some editing on the article.  Dan Stamm would be taking a writing class and would be given a style guide if he worked with me.  After marking up his lead paragraph I think I kept one word.  It was a conjunction.

This type of responsible parenting can be found all over Berkeley County.  From year olds to 20 year olds.  Respect and responsibility are not taught any more. It is someone elses responsibility to get our kids to go to school.  It is someone else’s responsibility to see that the kids are fed and clothed.  At least six times a month we will get a similar call at here with city p.d.  I upsets me as much as it discusses me.