Being Human

the_cast_of_being_human_from_left_aidan_turner_mit_4cce492905BBC Three’s excellent adventure known as Being Human aired season three’s third series final episode on March 13th.  For fear of spoiling it, bloody h…, everything that you suspect will happen, does.

Episodes are now playing on BBC America and SyFy decided to do one of their own.  Except they bought the original scripts and have set it in Boston.

I like the American version yes.  HOWEVER, my favorite is the British version.  I dislike that in this day and age the American mass media machine thinks that the American market cannot stomach a quality product.  Like Weakest Link, Fox tried to do an American version of Doctor Who that flopped infamously.  There have been American versions of Queer as Folk, The Office, Couplings and other than the differences in language, the shows could have held their own.  We didn’t need Queer Eye for the Straight Guy to be made in an American mold.

The American actors in our version are good actors, I don’t think that they have the strength to pull off the characters that I have become use to.  Boston, interesting choice but too academic.  The original series was definitely working class area, neighborhood.  I’ll stick with it to see how it develops, understanding that my heart belongs to “my” Mitchel, George, Anni and Nina.