When Will They Start This Here…

Ugandan Paper Leaks Info On Country’s Homosexuals:


In a shocking display of pure evil, a Ugandan newspaper called ‘Rolling Stone‘ has created a list of the 100 "top" homosexuals who should be hanged. The article included names, photos and addresses.

Since the article was published, four men have been attacked and others have, understandably, gone into hiding.

This is just part of Uganda’s war against homosexuality. Last year a politician introduced a bill that would make being gay a crime punishable by death. The bill was not passed after the international community complained about it, forcing the country, dependant on foreign aid, to reconsider.

"Before the introduction of the bill in parliament most people did not mind about our activities. But since then, we are harassed by many people who hate homosexuality," said Patrick Ndede, 27. "The publicity the bill got made many people come to know about us and they started mistreating us."

The article was published close to the one year anniversary of the anti-gay bill’s introduction. In the piece, called ‘Hang Them,’ gays were accused of carrying a new and deadly disease, while having successfully recruited 1 million children by raiding schools.

"We felt there was need for society to know that such characters exist amongst them. Some of them recruit young children into homosexuality, which is bad and need to be exposed," managing editor Giles Muhame said. "They take advantage of poverty to recruit Ugandans. In brief we did so because homosexuality is illegal, unacceptable and insults our traditional lifestyle."

The question is: how does the gay community battle this level of stupidity?

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