38 percent of those surveyed thinks…

I truly dislike surveys. They rarely reflect any opinion being sought. You’ll hear what someone wants to project because they have been in control of the results. Yes, numbers may be truth and indisputable. If handled properly they can reflect whatever result you want.

The same 38% of those who responded to the any particular survey think that they think Obama’s birth certificate is a fake could also be used to tell you they think he is something else.

This is simply for entertainment. Delete my answers and pass on to someone else. I lifted this from Jon’s blog. Have fun. Leave reply, or e-mail me your results. Use your iTunes, or, other media players are available.

How many songs on your player? 19,658

How many days could your music play? 61.6

Fun with order: Sorting song by song;

Which one is first? If proper filing is done, 99 Problems, Philadelphia Grand Jury. Otherwise, it is Abbamega Mix by D.J. K-Chan Kim.

Which one is last? If 99 is first then last would be Zombie (Cranberries Cover), Wellesley Tupelos, Best of College A cappella 2007.

Sort by Time:

Shortest? Sound clips tied: Sound clip of the Posh Radio 4 Lady reading an e-mail turned into a friendly mp3 sound bite/ringer. “I’m going to fart.”/00:01 at 0:01

Mrs. Slocomb Are You Being Served/Blowing a raspberry/00:01

Shortest actual song: Ben’s Song/DaVinci’s Notebook/Brontosaurus/00:08

Longest? Untitled Hidden Bonus Track/Queen/Made in Heaven/22:33

Sort by album:

First? The ABBA Generation by The A Teens

Last? 9 ½ Weeks Soundtrack, Various Artists

Top Five Most Played Songs:

  • What About Us (Remix)/John Barrowman/Music Music Music
  • The Prayer/Anthony Callea/Live Performance: Australian Idol 2004 – (Sorry Josh) (Use the link from my list: A Whole Lot of Praying to see YouTube clip.)

Tie: The Prayer – Celine Dion/Josh Groban Grammy Rehearsal (1999) (Boccelli missed rehearsal; Josh stood in and stole it.)

I Want Know What Love Is/Wynonna/What the World Needs Now

  • Nessum Dorma – Luciano of course
  • Ave Maria – Andrea Bocelli

Last Song Played: Sunshower, Chuck Mangione, Compact Jazz

First song that comes up on Shuffle: Stars Align, Kaskade, Love Mysterious

Search the following: (Show how many songs pop up for each search query.)

Death – 21

Life – 444

Love – 1603

Hate – 50

You – 2534

Sex – 78

I added the following, just because. Feel free to create your own. I want to see these for sure.

State you call “Home” – 4 (Ohio)

State in which you were born – 7 (West Virginia)

Search your name – 80/8.6 hours of me…

Search you (sig other) name – 366 (Most are Jones)

First Car – (Guess what?  I got a hit on Torino.) Respighi: Pines of Rome/Chicago Symphony Orchestra/Fantasia 2000 (Composer’s first name is Ottorino (Respighi).) (Cavalier got me Groovin’/Manhattan Transfer (w/Felix Cavaliere)/Tonin) (Sorry no Aztek)