What did I do to deserve this…?

[Keep in mind, I’ve been up all night.]

Took Jon to work this morning.  It was there in the back parking lot that I saw this single, Nike “Air” woman’s cross trainer.  I am fearful that I am going to obsess on it this morning.  I am just tired enough following a full night of crime and no-gooders [If Shakespeare and Sarah can make up words, so can I.] that it is going to be the better part of the morning before I am finish obsessing.

First off, I think that the most obvious question is, where is the other one.  This was a left shoe, why did it get left behind.  Where is the right one, did something go wrong.  After a formative youth growing up with Warner Brother cartoons my mind wanders and wonders why did the train only knock her out of the one shoe. 

Granted, because it was a powdery pink on the inside lip I am assuming that theses were female shoes, being worn by a real female type of wearer…  (?) 

If there was no wearer, what did the right shoe do to get the left to leave home, is it possible for a pair of cross trainers to run away from home.  Are they limited to strict, low impact functions…  Fall out of a gym bag.  Slip off the roof of a car.  Heaven forbid – get thrown out the window.  However, that is usually limited to high school male pranksters of the species.  It is usually done in the form of I dare you to dare me to let go of this…  Soon followed by the question of the innocent, “Drop what out the window?”  Then the explanation, “(Insert name here) threw my shoe out the window.”

But there is sat.  Waiting for someone to realize that it was missing.  Waiting for someone to think, where did I last have it?  Or even, where the devil could it be, it is only twenty minutes away.

Po shu, run, be free or just set there with your get up and go gone.