Gaia’s grandchild raise it’s ugly heads…

Like a hydra, so many people get by with doing just enough.  For appearance sake, just enough to get by, then patting themselves on the back for getting it right.  I take issue with this.  Why bother in the first place?

Happy 1/3-Anniversary

Greenpeace erected fences and locked out employees, deliveries and normal daily business at 12 BP locations around London.  (Ever see a fly try to navigate through a bug zapper…)  A lot of good it is going to do.  BP as a business is so huge, actions such as this is, however well intentioned, will only hurt the guy that actually owns the gas station.  Not BP.  Iann Sanders, nom de plum of a friend of mine in London, sells a product that he has contracted to purchase and offer for retail.  In doing so, he has agreed to purchase a certain shade of yellow, green, and white paint to decorate with.  He is given some flyers to pass out and some signage for the door because he allows this herculian company to come in and fill some tanks that he has had placed into the ground with fuel.    Iann, his handicapped mother and two children, both with Downs syndrom was recently widowed.  He shows up for work this morning to find some do gooder has locked him out of his livelihood.  Trespassers.  I am sorry, BP is not effected. 

When as a company they can laugh off paying fines and footing the bill for the clean-up, stating that the U. S. Government and her tax law will let them take it out of their tax bill, and will still see a projected 22 billion dollar profit.  Excuse me Greenpeace.  What ever your good intentions are, what ever your statement was it was lost on me.  Isn’t there a pod of whales somewhere being threatened.  Isn’t there a seal being clubbed to a pulp.  Heaven forbid a polar bear drifts out to sea without you being there to save it….

Go do something useful somewhere else…  Don’t you have a boat that can tow a boom or two, to help clean up the gulf.  It isn’t as if there is a shortage of oil soaked wildlife that could use your expertise – “what, excuse me?  You’re erecting zone fencing around a petrol station where…?” Do not make me take “their” side on this debate.

Bigoted xenophobic protest, Yoda understands not…

San Diego’s Comic Con was protested by Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptists (etc., etc.,) [I am not finishing the name.  It is in bad form not to properly identify your subject.  However, I do not want to get counted on Googles zeitgeist for having used it.  I may anyway…]  Appearantly there were a bunch of “those” people there.  (Magna Girls?)  Those that God so alledgedly hates.  (From the sign – Jedi?)  Laura Hudson in her article at Comic Alliance – Both sub head and photo link to her article and photos – said it best…  “The eclectic assembly of nerdom’s finest stood and delivered.” 

I respect everyone’s right to say whatever they want to say.  I appreciate their example.  For the way that those who are truly Christ-like, shouldn’t be.  Now, where’s the Kool-aid.

Good Nights Out for Gay Priests

[If we travel together…  Don’t set beside me unless you really, really, really have too.]  Italian news magazine did an expose’ on gay priests in Rome.  – (Magazine cover for those so inclined links to the Italian, the scripted sub-heading links to the American Newsweek article.) 

[Yes, I get the direct translation is “a night clubbing” however given my position in the previous rant, I didn’t want to give Greenpeace any ideas.  I feel the priest have enough problems of their own…] 

[When shaping your opinion, Please keep in mind, this is not the problem that the Roman Catholic Church is having in the America(s).  That is pedophilia.  The European problem, that this article investigates, and that the Pope has mentioned is a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell problem.]

At issue are priests not following the idiocy of celibacy.  The generally ascribed idea is that the men not wooed by the needs of the flesh would be pure to heart and provide guidance to the church.  [insert fog horn here;  emulate b/s alarm]  “The Church” being the Vatican/Church of Rome/Roman Catholicsism, is a fickled bitch.  (Many elude to her being the whore on the lap of the Revelations beast.)  Maybe, maybe not.  The celibacy thing was introduced by a Papal directive to keep the church from loosing the inheritance.  Whatever priest earn belongs to the church.  (As many a husband is told; What is yours is mine, what is ours is mine, What’s mine is mine.)  The Pope who was strapped for a way to pay for his new sedan…  (snicker) or whatever, thought that if priests didn’t have families to support or children to leave heirlooms too, their wealth would be the churches.

So what if some of them are gay.  The article talks about priests dating each other, or others outside the clergy.  The issue is not Heresy.  It is a human one.  The mess in the America(s), is a criminal one.  Not the same thing.  Join the rest of us in the 21rst century and Man up.  Or Sister up.  Society has accepted ‘Southpaws’ and ‘Sammies’, time to accept the ‘Sissies’.

(BTW:  Why won’t Southern Baptists have sex standing up?  They’re afraid someone will think they’re dancing.)