Funky Kewl Melodiah

Having a set down listen to some nicely reworked stuff from the artists that built Verve Records to what it isn’t today.  Ella, Dizzy, Nina, Sarah and many others whose works stand solidly as standards today have been given second life by a list of DJs and mixers with some extra time on their hands. 

This is far from the quality of work that the Propellorheads did with Shirley Bassey because of the number of people involved.  I get to liking one style then have to adjust to something else with each new song.  I do not always like consistency but this would be one album that could have used it. 

I do like this.  But it is a bowl of mixed party nuts with all the cashews either missing or sunk to the bottom.  If you find it in a used/reduced bin – Buy it.

Sarah Vaughan and Lola gets re-imagined…  WOW!