With the thanks of a grateful nation… The Latest:

It is no wonder that I have a reputation of being a grouchy old man. 

I do not intentionally do things to get this reputation…  But when a doctor fusses about your blood pressure, so much so that they insist on getting another reading and then have to remember how to use a manual BP cuff when they couldn’t find a BP machine to use.  She only proved to herself that the patient might just so happen to be right, twenty points right.  Oh, imagine that.

I was at the VA this morning at 0710 hrs.  I had a lab appointment at 0720 hrs.  The tech insisted on getting my social security number.  The use of SSN for identification purposes is illegal.  I made mention of this.  And got a riot act.  I then was told that my appointment was at the lab in my primary care area.  The letter I received directed me to the main lab.  I was getting the bitch from the tech in the main lab telling me that I was suppose to be in CPC 3.  CPC 3 told me that the lab work was to be done at the main lab.  (I feel like a bureaucratic game of Pong.)  It ended up that the labs that I was there for were taken/drawn on the 25th.  No one bothered to cancel, correct, or advise. 

A high school aged volunteer that is working in the pharmacy fussed with me because I was refusing an item that I did not request. 

I picked up my prescriptions in it, there was a pill splitter.  I have a pill splitter.  I do not need a second pill splitter.  I returned the splitter through the window and told them that I didn’t need it.  The kid looked at me.  Passed it back through and told me to just take it.  At four dollars to my co-pay I can only imagine that it would cost the VA about five if not six.  I could feel the grouch rearing his head…  “Take the damn thing back, put it into inventory and do not cause the VA to spend money that it doesn’t have too.”

Let someone else have it.  Do not give me an attitude, I am your elder.

Doctors, when it is suggested, listen.  Use the right cuff.  Use a manual cuff.  And when you are told that there is nothing that can be done with my ankles except replacement do not argue with me.  Oh, a sleeve will fix it.  No it won’t.  When some thing is wrong and that is it’s normal, making it normal is not fixing it.  A sleeve will provide support to someone who needs extra support for the ankles.  However, when your patient was born club footed and the tib/fib-talor alignment is horizontal not parallel, you do not force it to where it shouldn’t be.

A new project offered by the VA provides Vets while at the hospital boutique services.  Shots, quick questions, things that you might need a doctor for but are not serious enough or urgent enough for admission or an appointment, but more than a shot clinic.  They called to get me to enlist in to their services…  Imagine Web MD with an office.  I am sorry, I am a little over qualified to be taking advise from someone following a spreadsheet.