With all the junk kept in the attic…

…America’s attic has a lot of junk in it. 

Who would have thought that the washer and dryer from Future land just makes no sense.  The home of tomorrow didn’t exsist then nor does it exsist now, ten years after.  (Worlds Fair 1930’s)  Who cares about a leather jacket owned by a juvenile deliquent? (Fonzie’s leather jacket from the television show Happy Days.)  The cigar chomping curmudgeon Archie Bunker’s chair is there…  Why not Trigger"?

The folks at the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum survived a fallen economy once before when they closed the origional museum and moved it to Branson, Missouri.  They faced it yet again but failed to recover.  The remnants of the once proud legend that was a son of a pioneer, former shoe factory employee from Cincinatti, Ohio, will have to face their ultimate challenge.  The auctioneers gavel.

Christie’s Auction house is expecting to get $200,000 to 400,000 dollars for the former mounted mount of one of the greatest singing cowboy.  Unlike Champion, there was only one Trigger.  There may have been only one Silver, but it just didn’t ring like Trigger.  Silver might have been able to count – but he couldn’t shoot.  Trigger’s aim may not have been great but when compared to other horses of the day…

Hopefully someone will have the decency to pay proper homage and not allow it to remain some side show fair…  Do what everyone else does.  Stick it in the attic.