From 172 miles away…

…came a call for police.  “I see people outside my neighbors house and there are a couple of people in my shed.  Please send someone quick.”  This was before he told me he was calling from Paw Paw, West Virginia.

If the absurdity doesn’t strike you…  Look at the map.  The push pin on the west side of the map, approximates the location of Paw Paw.  The push pin to the east, Martinsburg.

The western push pin was also the source of the complaint that was received.

The caller was recipient of an apologetic reply as soon as he heard…  “I am sorry sir, but you have been connected to the Martinsburg, City, Police.  Please disconnect this call and dial 9-1-1.”

Well, guess how far this one went.  The complaint came “down” from above.  Does no one pay attention to telephone numbers that they are dialing?  Or even return envelope addresses?