It pays to be prepared…

Sometimes in life we go off wearing catnip underwear in a world of tigers.  Sometimes we just end up being the squeaky toy anyway.

We have found ourselves short staffed and overworked for quite sometime now.  Finally the powers that be have begun interviewing to fill the opening that we have had.  With any luck they will also fill the empty part time spot.

I will loose a good portion of that overtime, but on the other hand…  I’ll be a smaller target for the disapproval of those that pretend to manage security at the local hospital who think that we are here to do their job for them.  Come remove this car from the parking lot.  Come take this drunk to jail.  Come get this homeless person out of our waiting room.

Being that it is a private facility on private property operated by a public state institution the city police only have jurisdiction if the common good is in jeopardy.  A smelly old man that you have allowed to set there and piss himself all afternoon and it is now well after midnight does not make it our emergency.

I know that it is too late for a Christmas entry.  But I recently found this photo on line about an art fixture in NYC.  I would hate to come across the tree that these hung from.  Just imagine the size of the squirrel that would be jumping out of it.