New acquisition

Okay, I have to admit the last person I think of when I then of Collegiate a Cappella vocals would be Ben Folds.

I cannot imagine what would have caused him to put this together…

Right now, I really do not care.  I am loving it.  (Click on picture for link to where you can hear samples.)  Ben actually does one himself with the kids [Effington]  Thank God someone in that studio knew how to use a multi-track.

The entire album are collected a Cappella collegiate groups doing Ben Fold songs.  Not certain what my favorites are but I am leaning towards "You Don’t Know Me."

Oh, guess which college got selected to record "Brick?"  Clue:  Matt Lauer, Charles Kuralt, and Ray R. Johnson.  (One walked on, One lays under and the other once made.)  [Ohio University with relation to Nelsonville  brick.]