Still Realing…

I have to say, Dianne Feinstein can sure throw a heck of a party.  And my, doesn’t he have a proud signature.  And guess what, you sign things unusually when you are a lefty…  (I thought that once Bush was out of office, there would be no more stupid comments made in the White House.)  Feinstein was overheard making comments about how Pres. Obama signed documents during a ceremony immediately following inauguration.

However, whoever bought the party favors requires a firing squad.

I love Aretha, but when she butchers a song, no can do it better.  The real highlight I have to say came a day earlier during the "We Are One" concert the previous day on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday.

The over all theme it seemed carried itself over from mid-campaign.  Bettye Lavette and Jon Bon Jovi sang "A Change Is Gonna Come."

My first impression when Mrs. Obama got out of the car was that she truly is one classy lady.  She brought a hostess gift.  (Jackie, may you rest in peace but eat your heart out.)