It doesn’t take a chiromancer to get the point.

Equal should be equal.

No, personally I do not want to participate in the act of "Marriage" per se.  But some sort of equality should be readily available.

I do not expect "The Church" to go against it’s beliefs and recognize mine.  (Speaking in generalities here with full understanding that there are churches who feel that same sex relationships are, dare I say, kosher.)  However, I also know that there is even in the Roman Catholic Church there is a ceremony/ritual for commitment.

No, I do not want churches to be forced to recognize something that they themselves do not recognize.  However, do not tell me that I cannot either because they feel that it is wrong.

As cautious and careful as I have been, and have tried to prepare I find that here the wife formerly known as Mrs Johnson has a greater say in the resolution of my estate than does the person who has shared with me the last six years.  And will have until my off-sprung has reached 18 years of age.  She as his legal guardian would have control over what was mine.  It is doubtful that she would be so callous, but there is no certainty.  Jon could suddenly be both a widower and homeless.  Or vice versa – his family would have more say in his final arrangements than would I.  Granted, I doubt that there would ever be issues with them – but still, there is no certainty.

How is that right?