T-Kn-T [Tennant, Kingston, Tate] a la Moffat

If you haven’t guessed already, I have a geek streak running through me about as wide as an Ambassador Class Starship.  (Don’t ask or even try to guess if you do not know what I am talking about.  It will only embarrass me.)  I have to admit to having a favorite-favorite-favorite episode of multiple sci-fi based programs.

Yet here I am perplexed.  Steve Moffat is to blame.  First I was scared to blink.  Now, I’m spooked of shadows.To top it off he got Alex Kingston back on television, thank you. 

I am not a purist.  Neither am I a Trekkie.  [Sir] Russell T Davies may have pulled off both an O.B.E. and destroyed Gallifrey yet he has seen to the revival of a British franchise that has seen as many regenerations as it has Doctors playing the role.

We all have our favorite actor, our favorite Doctor and our Favorite Bond.  Yet we are also tasked with trying to make suspend belief that it is truly the same person coming to us from Russia with love as it was that raked the moon and died another day.  I’m sorry, I’ve got a goldeneye and can see right through them.  Like the Darrens, each is different, they cannot carry the torch from one to the other.  However, you expect a new doctor, one that changes with the desktop theme.  (Did you spot the DW reference.)  (This one being corral.)

If I were to give you my favorite episode I would honestly mean that they all have been my favorites to include the real clunkers that yes, I can name.  Yet if you were to ask me to name just a couple that anyone could watch and decide if they too like or dislike I would have to offer up the following: 

#1:  BlinkDoctor Who Series Three, Episode 10  (Yes, Keilan and I agree a lot on favorite "fill in this blank."  This was the one that won him over and scared us both.)

#2:  Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead (Library Part I & II); Series Four, Episodes 8 & 9  (Count the shadows and run.  Don’t worry about introductions.)

#3:  Turn Left; Series Four Episode 11  (Saw it else where – tired of waiting on the Sci-Fi Channel.)  (The big, WHAT IF?)  (Though show tips its hat to links with the first and second series, the Christmas episode Runaway Bride, the entire third season, plus the two two spin off series of DW, you do not need to know a thing about what happened to this point.  Just think WOW.  (Or What’s on my back?) The expression on DW’s face is enough to tell you Bad Wolf is not good.)

If you are a Hitchcock fan you will love Midnight it primarily features David Tennant and plays with the Lifeboat theme.  However – Fourth of July holiday – DW returns in two weeks.  But if you know where to look you can catch it sooner.

These are three/four episodes that you can see and not really suffer the burden of not knowing what was going on.  They all would stand alone very well.  You’ll never look at a computer, a garden gnome or make a decision ever again without thinking about one of these episodes.