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"A new article in ‘Newsweek’ is out talking about what it’s like to be an atheist.  I actually have a friend who’s an atheist, and married to a Jehovah Witness.  Their kids are a little strange.  They go out and knock on doors but don’t know why."     -Jay Leno

Sometimes we are shocked by how horribly cruel life can be.  Some times bad things happen to good people.  Other times, not so much.

The government appears poised to take Fred Phelps church away from him.  Not meeting the qualifications for being a tax exempt property.  His political actions have disqualified him from being acknowledged as a church…  Sexual preference of the IRS agent/lawyer pursuing this is not known but deserves a heartfelt "you go gurrrl," from all of us.

Egypt jailed 12 for a "life of debauchery."  The twelve were subjected to medical tests that they had not volunteered for and were chained to their hospital beds until the results were known.  (The tests administered were HIV tests.)  Participating in the arrests with the Egyptian police were Doctors who were treating some of the 12 men for HIV.  How wrong is that…

Encourage a unified Democratic Ticket.  Go back to the old days when the one with the most votes is President.  The one with the second most Vice President.  At the end of four years – switch.  (ha-ha)  Obama/Clinton in 08!