Cleaning out some files…

Coming up in April…  April 4th will find the BBC broadcasting the last episode of Torchwood.  It will broadcast here in the states on BBC-America within a week or two.  As they say, check your local listings.  Since I do not have BBC-America on my cable service I can’t help out.

Comcast will cause me to do another rant about them here on another occasion however this is not one of those opportunities.

Coming in April on Sci-Fi, the return of Doctor Who.

Does the face look familiar – Geoffrey Palmer from "As Time Goes By".  He plays a ships Captain who charts new courses for the Titanic without any real future.  It is up to the Doctor to save it this time.

Kylie Minogue makes an appearance as Astrid.  (For those of you who love word jumbles…  Play with this one.)

You’ll recognize another face – Clive Swift.  Richard from "Keeping Up Appearances."  He’ll plays a travel guide who really hasn’t a clue about the meaning of Christmas.

The show titled "The Voyage of the Damned" was the special Christmas episode broadcast in 2007.  This will lead off the American broadcast of the fourth season that is rumored to have Catherine Tate coming on as the Doctor’s new companion – She was the "Runaway Bride" from last year.  Rose is also rumored to be coming back…  And Martha is also rumored to be coming back for a show.  I am biting at the bit waiting.

A new show is also coming to Sci-Fi from the BBC.  It is called The Adventures of Sarah Jane.   Sarah Jane was the 4th Doctor’s companion – think curly hair, floppy hat and floor length scarf.  She  made an appearance in the first series with Eccleston, 9th Doctor during the first of the new season as did K-9.

I forgot to mention Happy Easter and Merry Spring.  The Narcissus are beginning to bloom.  They are a brighter yellow than they have been for a while.  There are some with a butter cream outer flower and an orange trumpet.

Okay, what can I say…  In front of the Navy, War Department Buildings in Washington, D.C. circa 1920.  This Detroit Electric car was introduced.  Now 88 years later…  Still nothing.

You’d think one of these two pictures would have helped to ease the $3.xx + (Plus) gas prices.  "I am sick and tired of it and I’m not going to take it any more…"  (Broadcast News)