Okay, maybe I was wrong… – Me

Okay, maybe I was wrong…

Maybe we as a television viewers, the public enjoy watching the down trodden get busted for illegal activity and admit to life shattering truths on television.

David Hernandez has the talent to last until the top five.  I am truly sorry that he will not have the chance to do so now.  He has previously turned in stellar performances but this time…  I am not a big Beatle’s fan and I know that it was Lennon/McCartney night, but all the same.  When you say tomato, I say tomato.  His history has been stronger than the other two girls.  I swear I heard that countrified song in a theme park with an animatronics bear playing a jug. 

I just can not think about it again.  I have to tell myself in-spite of the fact that I did not like the song to begin with, it was not that great of a performance.   

Sorry David, you will be missed.  I will be watching for anything from you, the Vinyl Four, something from Falcon…

Results show tonight at 2200hrs on FOX.