“Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got and fifty percent what people think you’ve got.” Sophia Loren

I am sorry that I have to make this statement because in some way I feel that I am being unfaithful to favored contestants… 

This is to the two David(s).  Hernandez and Archuletta – What the hell were you thinking?

Did the two of you think that you could rest on your laurels?

Last night I was very disappointed in your performances – I did not think that there was a lot of effort put into it, except for the Elvis impersonation that Mr. Hernandez turned in.  Stop it.  You are in the final twelve.  You have a shot at the final ten if not the top three.  Get it together – Chickezie turned in a far better performance, and I am sorry that you lost your last name somewhere across town between Hollywood Week and the Top-24.  But he has not impressed me one iota since the beginning.  I think he has been made the token black male.

Mr. Archuletta, one simple word of criticism – Lyrics.  Your cherubic demeanor and resemblance will carry you only so far in this competition.  For all that you have done, for all that you have demonstrated, forgetting lyrics or screwing up the lyrics is not worthy of your caliber.  For your performance last night you deserve to go home.  I admit that I did not vote for you.  Because you forgot the lyrics and made it obvious that you knew that you did.  It was not like the night you sang Imagine sang the third verse instead of the first.  Sure there were a few who recognized it.  Sure there were a few who thought – "Hey, he’s not doing it right…"   All of us, the knowing and the haplessly unaware knew "he [f-bomb][past tense] up."

See her, Fame, "Standing There" and realize that the two of you can "Work It Out."  And "Get Back To Where You Once Belong[ed]."