Wise men don’t need advice. Fools won’t take it. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Well, it has been just a couple of days since my last.  Hopefully no one wasted their time in taking their black suits to the cleaners.  No need.  Just tired and sleepy and stressed about an event at work that I didn’t want to play out here.  However, it had me thinking about priorities.
At the same time; one has been handed a 9-1-1 call and an officer radios for a license check.  Which to take first?
The 9-1-1 call had already been committed to.  The caller has heard your voice and the hand-off.  The officer has been on the traffic stop for several minutes and has offered no indications that there is a potential for problems.  One has to decide – and every occasion is different and every opinion is different.  I had to make a choice.  I asked the officer to stand-by so that the panicked female could be dealt with and then once her situation was deciphered priorities could (and were) readjusted.  However, to the power that was – my decision was the wrong one and life was going to be led his way or no way.
I expect to hear from the Captain or the Chief in the next couple of weeks.  The root is a power play.  Subject has no experience doing my job yet thinks that he can stand in authority simply because of his rank.  Well, yeah!  Duh!  However, he’d be better served in realizing strengths and weaknesses and using them to his benefit instead of allowing them to play on his insecurities.  The call was reported as prowler, possible home invasion.  By the time initial interview was completed – suspicious person.  Had I done things the way I am told they need or will be done the call could have been worse.  Yes, the officer could have ended up being worse too.  However we were communicating on the radio for all to hear.  The frightened person looking for help – was only being heard by one ear.  If the officer had been in trouble, he could have declined which would have started other officers to his locations.  Other officers that were not already there, who also showed or gave no other sign of anything being wrong.
It doesn’t matter.  My opinion is still the wrong one.  I am nothing more than a dispatcher here, inspite of my past accomplishments, I am the beckoned.
I guess I should not tell anyone what I scored on the lieutenants test either.