“Words so excite me that a pornographic story, for example, excites me sexually more than a living person can do.” W. H. Auden in an interview

When I need a good cry, and can find no other catalyst I have one go to that is a sure fire push over the emotional cliff of tears.  It is the funeral scene from the movie “Four Weddings and a Funeral.”  The lover standing to eulogize his partner begins;


Stop all of the clocks, cut off the telephone,
prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

(From the poem:  "Funeral Blues")


I find myself in love with language and the use of words.  A pun in the hand is worth three in the bush, if you were to ask me. 


I am reminded that today is Mr. Auden’s birthday (1907) thanks to Mr. Garrison Keillor and his Writer’s Almanac.



There is a rant waiting in the wings regarding the death of the middle school student that I last wrote about.  Hate Crime legislation is again fashionable.  I have to admit, this just burns me up to no end.  Most states and local jurisdictions already have in place laws that govern and define what harassment is or is not.  Laws already exist that define assault, and what it is or is not. 


The assailant committed murder, with a gun on school grounds.  If charged with a felony that already federally constitutes the possibility of life plus 25.  I realize there are considerations because the subject was a minor.  In most states that would be, if he is 14 years of age, at least seven years, till he turns twenty-one in lock-up.   That might be enough time to reform him.  (Not holding my breath.)  Some jurisdictions would allow the consideration of this as an adult crime.  (Crime is crime as far as I am concerned.)  Allowing for the idiocy of the parents – I’ll allow a majority rule decision in my opinion of this regard, as to whether he should be treated differently because he was a teenager that didn’t know better.


Giving legal definition to special interests leads the way for discrimination and for the abuse of the system.  Example, slavery.  I qualified, but did not accept money from the NAACP for college.  I qualify and do not use a handicap placard.  Yet there are those who don’t and do.


Laws already exist that allow everyone equal and fair treatment.  Truly the only thing missing from existing legislation is the willingness to enforce what is already on the books and the willingness to see it that way.  Special interests do not require special laws.  Look what happened when they rewrote the constitution and gave women the right to vote.  It was already there, it was just society that wouldn’t allow it.  Common sense should not be legislated.



A friend was telling me the other day about his favorite hobby and sport; parachuting.  It didn’t seem that unusual to me given his personality and demeanor.  He is just that type of a guy.  However, the biggest difference between the two of us – he’s blind.


I was having trouble fathoming how he accomplished the things that are required to parachute.  I was trained in the Air Force how to, and have on occasion jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.  Now that I don’t have to – I really do not have the desire to spend the money required.  But I just couldn’t wrap my mind around him do so.  “How…?”


“I can feel the parachute, so it is easy to pack.  And with my sense of touch I often am asked to check others.”


“I can hear pretty well so it is easy to find the door when it is opened.”  I can feel where the release ring is, and can feel with my foot the edge of the doorway.”


"My sense of smell is really good so I know when I smell the trees, grasses, flowers, or even dirt, I am nearing 300 feet and need to pull the release ring.”


At this point I was beginning to feel really dumb because had I thought about it, then it made sense.  Except, “when all of that is done, how do you know when to flair? How do you know when you need to pull your legs up and get ready to hit the ground?”


“Oh, that’s the easy part.  The leash goes slack.”