“It’ll cost ya…” (NPR; Car Talk, Click and Clack)

I am afraid of a couple of things right now, but please do not let the maple red Aztek read this.  First I’m afraid that it will fit me.  Secondly, that Pontiac is going to make a similar mistake that it did with the Azteks and out price their market.  (Google:  Holden UTE here you will find plenty of amazing reading, some commercials and some test drive results.)
GM is brining to the U.S. from Australia this little beauty.  Down under the UTE has continued the legend of the El Camino for 60 some years.  They are going to rebadge the UTE VX as the Pontiac G8 ST sometime in 2008.  It was suppose to be introduced at the North American Autoshow.  I haven’t seen it in any of the photos published from any of the big auto shows since.  However press releases have been flying out of the Holden main offices for months now.  GM at first was going to bring the UTE Sedan and the sport truck, and of all things, a station wagon.  GM since has reneged on the wagon version.  And there goes millions in research and development for the Aussies.
Prices are rumored to start at $31,000 (US).
They are packing it with power to haul and get away.  (V6 engine)  One of the videos I watched had a driver on a closed track with all of the computerized safety features turned off nearly burn the rubber from under neath it.  Once the vehicle was in motion, without the safety features activated it simply powered through everything as if on ice.  With the vehicle operating in spec, with the computer stuff turned on, it was described as (insert Australian accent here) "awesome, one of the best drives I have ever had."
Hopefully they’ll remember to put the steering wheel on the left side of the vehicle before loading it onto the boat to come here.  It has been too long and I’d hate to embarrass some unsuspecting traffic officer because he walked up to the wrong side of the vehicle to hand me my ticket.